For over 20 years I have been teaching carving first in my South China, Maine, studio, and now at my Athol, Maine studio, at carving clubs, and at other carving and art venues. Teaching is one of many ways to make sure that the art of woodcarving is passed along to future generations. In an effort to teach not only the basic skills needed to safely enjoy carving, I incorporate principles of "Right Brain Drawing" into my curriculum, encouraging students to use their drawing skills to design their own personal, meaningful carvings. In the past year I have started teaching "Right Brain Drawing" courses through local Adult Education.

Auggie, the studio mascot
Penguin Chick Ornament

When a new student finishes a project, or conquers a new skill, or designs a first carving, I am not sure which of us is more excited!!
In my classes, I emphasize:

Sharpening Skills
Proper Tool Handling
Relief and In-The-Round Techniques
Basic Drawing and Design
Individuality and Originality

Classes in my studio range in size from 5 to a maximum of 10 students. This allows me to give each student adequate attention. I welcome new students into a class at any time. I feel that being in a class with more advanced students gives a beginner a sense of how much can actually be accomplished. It is also beneficial to the more advanced students, giving them an opportunity to help the beginners and reinforcing for themselves what they have already learned.

Kevin's original design fish

To get you started, I have uploaded a Tutorial on Carving Faces that you may find helpful. It is in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, and you are free to use at and pass it along.

Click here to download "Carving Faces" Tutorial

I just uploaded a new, simplified, Face Proportions diagram, also in PDF format. You are welcome to download it, use it, pass it along.

Click here to download "Face Proportions" Diagram.

Watch for Future Classes and Seminars

I am currently holding 2-hour classes at Athol Senior Center .
Wednesdays from 1 to 3 PM
the Athol Senior Center is located on Freedom Road in Athol

Please feel free to
for class information.

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